Monday Madness

So what happens when you wake up feeling like this?

You get up anyway and go to work. You give yourself a pep talk and you will have a great day. Not so much.

We have four (4) key positions to fill; two which are very senior positions. The recruiters have put  forth candidates that don’t met our qualifications. The hockey season starts in less than two months and I have to fill these spots. You know what happens? You stress the ***k out. Yup, I said it.

We are moving offices and staff members are questioning their locations. Really?

We work with an agency and they want to charge us for work that’s included in their contract? How does this happen? What did I miss?

I had dinner plans with a friend and I wanted to cancel. I didn’t. We had a nice dinner.

I had lots of water. I don’t drink. Today is a day that I wish I did. A great evening with a friend made me realize that it’s ok. It’s hard, it was a tough day, however I am tougher.


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