What a year! I don’t even know where to start. My heart is still so heavy from all the losses we had. Then the election. This year will go down in history. As I reflect on what caused such heartache, today I want to write about what brought me so much joy.

Hamilton What an incredible piece of art. When I first tried to purchase tickets to the show, I didn’t even know what the show was about….where was I? Needless to say, I saw the show three times in 2016. Best, best, best experience ever. The show sparked my curiosity for history. I started reading about our founding fathers and have a new appreciation for the streets of NYC.


Martha’s Vineyard – I loved it.


Elysha and Edwin’s wedding. They did it. They did it right and we had a blast. We laughed, danced and ate. Look at these three, soon they’ll be getting married. Time flies.


New friends – the loss of a friend brought others into my life. Jamie, Jennifer, Amy, Jen, among others. Thank you LQ.

Snapchat with Dad. Who has a cooler Dad than me? He loved these Snapchat filters.


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