Brooklyn, it’s been amazing

Friday, August 11th was my last day at my job. After almost seven years, I left peacefully. I had an unbelievable run there. Who could say that in one lifetime, you could transform a team, open two arenas and move another team??!!! I can. I am so incredibly proud of all we accomplished.

What touched me beyond words were the notes that I received from people on my team.

The photo below is from the reception area of our office. SO touched because usually this is ONLY done for super VIPs and partners.


This card made me cry.


This made me cry too.



So grateful.


I share these because it’s not always about the raise, the promotion, the recognition, it’s about how you treat people. It’s about understanding, listening, having compassion and empathy.

I didn’t cry at the office. I actually “ghosted”. I was OK with that. I didn’t want to leave feeling sad or upset. I wanted to walk out of there happy. As I drove across the Brooklyn Bridge, for a while, I won’t say that last time, just a while, I was happy. I was at peace with my decision.

On to the next.




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